Do you want the goods news or the bad news first?  It’s Monday, and Mondays are already unexciting, so let’s go with the good first.

Good news:  I’ve upgraded my site!  I now have my own fancy URL, and I’ll be able to tweak the look of the site whenever I want.  I’ll admit that this is better news for me than for you, so I guess that leads right into the….

Bad news:  The site is here: http://www.gwensfishfood.com.  All of my posts have been migrated over there, but, unfortunately, I am not able to migrate subscribers.  So all of you wonderful people who have agreed to receive my rantings and ravings in your mailbox will have to sign up again.

Just to be clear:  I will no longer be posting on this site, but rather will be posting here: http://www.gwensfishfood.com.  Come on over and follow me there!